Tell your MP to support kinship carers and keep children within their families.

‚ÄčEvery child needs love. That is why when parents can't look after a child, it's often best if they can be brought up by a grandparent, uncle, aunt, sibling or a family friend. Someone they know, who can provide the love and stability children need, rather than grow up in the care system. This is known as kinship care.

141,000 children (a conservative estimate) in kinship families across England and Wales know the value of love. But politicians still overlook them and undervalue the role of kinship carers in keeping children out of the care system.

Unlike children in foster care, most of these families receive no financial or practical support - 8 in 10 kinship carers fail to receive crucial local authority support, which not only risks the futures of thousands of children, but is also economically short-sighted.

Politicians need to act now and equalise support between kinship families and foster and adoptive families.

Join kinship families across the country to tell politicians to keep children within their families. Support kinship carers. #ValueOurLove.