Right now, your MP candidates are busily trying to talk to voters across your constituency to find out what issues they should focus on if they’re elected. 

That’s why now we must tell them about the vital role kinship carers play in keeping children in stable homes and out of the care system – and that support for kinship carers is falling desperately short. 

We need to increase the number of MPs – new and returning – supporting #ValueOurLove, so let’s ask candidates to support the campaign at a time when they’re listening most to voters and make sure whoever secures the job of your MP is ready to help kinship carers in Parliament. 

Simply hit the button below and fill in the form. You’ll be given a template email to send and you can add your own experiences or invite them to a specific meeting if you have one in the empty box in the email.


Are you a Kinship Carer? 

A kinship carer is any family member or friend who steps in to raise a child when they cannot live with their birth parents. This includes family and friends foster carers, those with a special guardianship order (SGO) or a child arrangements order (CAO), as well as informal kinship carers with no legal order securing the arrangement. You may also hear a kinship carer referred to as a family and friends carer or a connected carer. 

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